10 June 2011

List #13: Things Felix Does That Crack Me Up

1.  There's a access space in my bedroom that goes to the plumbing of my neighbour's bathroom.  I don't know what Felix thinks is behind there, but he likes to paw at it.  From where I sit on my couch, I often catch him standing on his hind legs on my bed and pawing at it with his front paws.

2.  It never fails to crack me up when he meows and yawns at the same time.  And he does this a LOT.

3.  While Oscar actually jumped in the shower with me, Fe's favourite hang out is on the side of the bathtub between the shower curtain and the curtain liner.  But about once every few weeks, he forgets that he isn't the Ocs.  So he'll peak around the liner while I'm in the shower.  I'll tell him, "You're going to get wet!  This is water; you're not going to like it!"  But he'll ease his head incrementally further into the shower until he gets wet.  Then he'll give me a look a disgust before he shakes the water off and dashes away.

 4.  Felix likes to chase his tail.  He often does this on the couch.  Sometimes until he gets so lost in the game that he loses track of where he is and falls off the edge of the couch.  This never fails to make me laugh.  Mostly because it happens about once or twice a week.

5.  If you've ever been around a cat, you know how they knead their bedding with their paws until it's JUST right before they settle down for their nap.  Fe will over to me, paw at my belly (or my breasts) for several minutes, and then walk away.  He's done this since he was a kitten.  I'm so used to it now that when he starts, I just sit and wait for the sequence to end.  He even does it with my sheets sometimes.  Paw at the sheets/blankets, turn around, get things JUST right, turn around a few times... and walk away.  He is so bizarre.

6.  He likes to lay in weird positions.  If you've been to my place, you know that my couch is in front of my radiator in the living room.  In the summer, I push it back so they meet because it's not as if the radiator needs space.  But in the winter, I push the couch out so the warm air from the radiator can circulate.  Fe likes to put his hind legs on the radiator and rest his front legs on the couch.  His belly is suspended over the air between the two so that his body forms a bridge.  Today, I caught him doing a similar thing with the couch and the side window in the living room (not the one with the window perch).  Silly boy.


  1. That last one makes me crack up when he does it.

    The funniest thing he did when I'm there is sit on the bed with part of him on the pillow. Well i flip the pillow in my sleep a few times a night - don't like a warm pillow. he yells at me and then runs away.

  2. You do have a very silly cat :-}
    Mooney is our silly cat.
    I've had him since he was tiny, and he used to sleep on my pillow and stick his nose into my ears (and my nose) and wake me up.
    Even though he is a huge lunk of a cat now, he STILL tries to get his nose up my nose once in a while for old time's sake.