25 June 2011

Michael... Still Missing You

I can't believe Michael has been gone for two years now.

Time is so funny.  It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting here in disbelief wondering how in the hell a reputable station like CNN could be reporting something like Michael Jackson's death.  When the hell did THEY start dealing in tabloid gossip?  I got why TMZ was flashing it on their site, but CNN?  Bunch of friggin' sell-outs.  I was so ANGRY.  Why were they attacking him AGAIN?

But then multiple reports started flooding in from other reputable news sources.  And I just didn't understand.  I called Mom because maybe only the Philly stations had been hacked and were hearing this drivel.  But, no... she had heard the news, too.  And, still... it just didn't compute.  Why would these people be doing this?

On the other hand, it seems like forever ago that I left for work early the day after The King of Pop died so I could stop at Dunkin Donuts.  I had a simple bribe for the people at my office - you can have doughnuts, but please don't mention Michael; I just can't take it.  It seems like forever ago that I was putting out calls to my friends all over the country for newspapers reporting the end of Michael's life.  And my shock when one person in New York flatly refused to have nothing to do with it, simply because HE was involved.

To this day, my therapist and I still discuss ways for me to cope with this huge loss.  I know that he wasn't someone I knew personally.  I know that some people have never understood and will never understand my grief.  Slowly but surely, I am trying to move toward celebrating his life and legacy and away from mourning the loss.

But I'm sad for the people who know him as only a punchline, and the people who know him as only a aging star, and the people who know him as only a the guy who got famous again after he died.  I'm sad that there won't be any new music or any new dance moves.  I'm sad that there won't be any new innovative videos from him.

He inspired an entire generation (at least) of rock, R&B, and hip-hop stars (in song, dance, and video); he was a great humanitarian, he was an amazing philanthropist, and, by all accounts, he was a wonderful father.

Michael, I still miss you.


  1. two years?? seriously??? it really doesn't seem that long, when I clicked the link I really thought you were going to say one year..

  2. I can't believe it's been two years either. Although it seems like just yesterday that my mom would rent the Thriller video for myself and my sibling to watch.