26 June 2011

My Weekend

Yesterday was a really great day, despite feeling sad about the second anniversary of Michael's passing.

Rachel came over in the morning, and we went to get my Angel Food pick-up.  I love that they always have some young men (and some older men) there to help the women carry the boxes to their cars.  There's one young man who I found out is saving money to go to school, so I always make sure to tip him.  I don't tip him much, but boy is he ever grateful!  I'm always careful to do the "thank you, here's some money" handshake so as to not make it obvious that I'm giving him money, because I'm not actually sure if him accepted a tip is frowned upon and I don't want to get him in trouble.  (The pick-up site is a church, as most - if not all Angel Food sites are - and I think the helpers are considered part of community spirit, so I really don't want to get him in trouble, especially as the pastor is usually overseeing.)

Then Rachel and I made the Crescent Zucchine Pie, which we decided should be called Zucchini Quiche.  Rachel had brought over last year's Harry Potter movie (HP and the Deathly Hallows, Part I) since I haven't seen it yet (I tried to earlier this year, but that was a whole debacle), but since the quiche goes into the oven for 25 minutes, we decided it would be dumb to start the movie, then stop it to get something out of the oven, plate, etc.  So she relaxed while I processed some of the fresh fruit and veggies from Angel Food.  And by relaxing, I mean that she went through some of the clothes I'm getting rid of.  She scored three items.  She also scored a mango, a watermelon, some lemons, and a bag of frozen carrots from my Angel Food box.  No wonder she likes coming over!

We watched the movie (and made fun of several parts of it - especially when Ron started actually like a little bitch).  We really had a laugh at one part that was miscaptioned.  I didn't know it had been miscaptioned, and I got REALLY confused.  I don't want to spoil the movie, so no details, but I basically thought Hermione had gone spectacularly stupid.  When I repeated what I thought had been said to Rachel and added, "What the hell?  That doesn't even make sense!!!"  She burst out laughing and explained that it was miscaptioned.  Then, for the rest of the movie, that kind of became a running joke.  "Well, you know, had you just [what I thought Hermione had said]."

This is one reason I don't go to movies in theatres much.  There aren't that many movies that are captioned at the theatres, and the assisted listening devices only help SO much.  And unless I'm with a really good friend who understands my CAPD and doesn't mind me going, "Wait - what'd they say?" every once in awhile, it's just not worth it.

 Anyway, after that, my friend Naomi is in town this weekend, and she came over a couple of hours after that.  I was so glad we went to eat at one of my favourite restaurants, Vietnam Café, because I was famished by then.  We both decided to be brave and try something we'd never tried before there, even though we'd been there tons of times before.  After, we went back to my place just to hang out for awhile and continued to chat.  I got to catch Naomi up on all the job-ness that's going on, which was nice because I don't blog about all the nitty-gritty details, and it's really just too much to IM to someone.  For dessert, we intended to grab ice cream at a local place called Milk & Honey, but they close earlier on Saturday than they do during the week, which I didn't realise.  So we wandered back up the street and tried out a new place, Mood Cafe - yes, Mood Cafe, not Mood Café.  Milkshakes... yum.

All in all, a great day full of fun, friends, and food.  What could be better?

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  1. I don't get to see movies I want to because if I go out, the movies seem lame ( feeling goes back to when we got a sitter for the Angie) and I get fidgety anyway.