03 June 2011

List #12: Sites of Philadelphia I've Yet to See (But Want To)

1.  Mütter Musuem
Located in the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, this is the museum of medical history and oddities.  I walk by it ALL the time, and I've been in CPP for things when I was getting my MPH, but never made it downstairs to the Mütter.

2.  Academy of Natural Sciences
For several years, I lived within walking distance of this one and still never made it.  They always have really interesting exhibits, but when I have the time (I'm a student or I'm unemployed), I don't have the money.  And when I have the money, I don't seem to have the time or energy.

3.  Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
It's not that big of a stretch to say that I'm within walking distance of this one now.  I actually used to know a woman who used to work there.  Hell, she may still work there for all I know (I actually took a weekend series course with her; it's not like we were close friends).  This is how I even found out about the existence of this place about six years ago.

4.  The Betsy Ross House
It's kind of funny.  The first couple of trips here, my mom REALLY wanted to go there.  We went by it.  We drove by it.  We walked by it.  We pointed to it.  But the timing never worked out to actually take the tour.  I think her third trip here, she was able to go when I was at work.  Alas, I've still never been.

5.  Fireman's Hall Museum
Located in Olde City, this just always sounded really interesting to me.  But again, it's one of those things that when people come in from out-of-town, they always want to see The Important Stuff (which I understand), and while they agree this does sound interesting, it gets pushed further and further down the list until we run out of time.  And when I'm sitting around at home going "Crap, I'm bored," it just never occurs to me to go.

6.  Rodin Museum
This one is rather ridiculous.  I used to live about five blocks from here, IF that.  This museum houses the largest collection of Rodin's work other than Paris.  I'm not even particularly an art aficionado, a francophile, or a Rodin fan, but it seems dumb that this amazing collection is right here and I've not laid eyes on it.

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