28 June 2011

The Calm

This week has been eerily calm.  Last week I had an interview on Thursday, and then I kind-of phone interview on Friday.  Friday was a phone screening kind of thing, and the HR woman said they'll be determining within the next two weeks who they'll be bringing in for the in-person interviews.

This past weekend, the people in the building who I've had issues with moved out, so Felix and I are very happy.  The issues were that they constantly let their cats out, and one of them was always coming to the door and aggravating Fe through the apartment door.  Plus, a couple of weeks ago, one of them growled and hissed at me when I tried to enter the building.  Fun times.

I talked to the landlord earlier this week when he was here, and he said my new neighbours will be moving in this weekend.  Now I'm just hoping they aren't worse.  The whole "better the devil you know" thing and all.

So, after the flurry of getting ready to move, then having a little bit of luck with scheduling some interviews, this week is very quiet.  I'm definitely not UNpacking anything since I still only have 14 weeks left to find a job, this time for reals, y'all.  It's just not the big, rushed, hurried, stressed-out ball of mess.

It's interesting, but a little weird.


  1. Both of Oscar's job nibbles have been for the city of East Lansing. If the 3rd one is as well, we'll begin to think it's fate. He has already researched and found some accessible apartments we can look at in the area :-}

  2. well my money is on your new neighbors being.... "interesting"