12 June 2011

The Update, As Promised

So here's the update that I promised to give.

I've continued to work on getting my bedroom sorted, and it's almost done.  If I have to actually pack, it's pretty much ready.  I've gone through clothes and bagged up ones I'm willing to part with, so the clothes in my closet and dressers and ready to be packed, if necessary.

There's a bookcase in my bedroom, and it's full of books that I don't want.  When friends come over, I try to foist them off on people.  So if I have to move, those can be packed up and donated.  And I've been moving some more of the books from my living room to that book case, so I don't end up moving books I don't want.

The storage boxes under my bed have been gone through.  The full ones can be moved now.  The others are empty and ready to be filled.

Basically, I just need to go through the foot locker on top of my dresser and the things on the shelves of my closet.

Next on my list for tomorrow is my hall closet and my bathroom.  The bathroom only has a vanity, so it won't take very long.


  1. Wow! You have made great progress... With two of us we haven't even made it all the way through one room yet LOL.
    Yesterday we both said how much we are going to enjoy having MUCH less stuff!

  2. Um - the bathroom is a warehouse for I believe every Neutrogena product ever....

    I'm still hoping you are just spring cleaning and you'll have a nice clean uncluttered house and a job soon!