27 June 2011

Book Review: Dead Man's Switch

Kate Reilly is a driver in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS), and she's hoping to find a full-time ride.  Over Fourth of July weekend when the tour is at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut (yes, the author took some liberties with the calendar), she gets her shot.  Unfortunately, she gets it when another driver is found dead.  And even more unfortunately, she's the one who finds the body... under the bumper of her car.  Oops.

All of the action of this book takes place over the span of the race weekend.  Kate races both on and off the track trying not only to secure a place on the team, but to prove her innocence since she quickly becomes the top suspect.

This book was a wonderful read, and I highly recommend it.  My full review is here.


  1. I'm excited, I get to do the 2nd read and review on this :-}