11 June 2011

Knitting: Minotaur Cowl

As some of you know, I moderate a group on Ravelry for designers called "Free Pattern Testers."  The concept of the group is that designers can get their patterns tested by knitters and crocheters without having to pay professional testers.  Crafters can also get free patterns with the understanding that the patterns may have errors and knowing that, in exchange for the free patterns, they must give the designer some feedback on the pattern.

Every once I awhile, a pattern comes along that I'll want to test.  A couple of weeks ago, one of "my" designers, Rachel, posted a test for the Minotaur Cowl.  Well, the name of it immediately caught my attention because of my love for Greek mythology.  Plus, I've seen how this designer has conducted herself in other tests, and I had been impressed with her professionalism (not to mention her other designs!).

My intent was to start it one night and then finish it the next morning since we had some hot weather rolling in those few days and I wasn't in the mood to work with bulky wool yarn in 90º heat index-type weather in my un-air conditioned living room.  (I have an air conditioner, but I don't turn it on for weather like that.)
But this cowl was so quick and easy that once I started, I got on a roll and finished really quickly! The cowl is great for a quick present.  It probably only took me about three hours total.  I used Araucania Nature Wool Chunky yarn, and I probably used about 3/4ths of a skein.  I used US11 needles, but I'm a bit of a tight knitter.

The construction of this pattern was easy to understand, and the pattern comes with both a chart and in written form.  The chart is super-easy to memorise, so no problems there!  And, best of all - it's a free Ravelry download!

Sorry it's lumpy.  Felix was "helping" me, and I didn't have time to straighten it out.
And for those who want another knitting blog to follow, you can find Rachel here.

I haven't yet decided who's getting this (green is NOT my colour, being a yellow Asian and all.  Ria - a fellow Asian - and I had a discussion about how green makes Asians look a weird orangey colour).  I may offer it to Rachel (not the designer, the one I went to school with) since she's been helping me out with some stuff lately.


  1. And I love that group! I need to get some quicker designs finished. The Kaleidoscope Cape samples have taken most of the last two months. I am on the 3rd (and final) sample and as soon as I get some technique photos and a schematic drawn, the pattern is (almost) ready for testing. I also have a beaded lace shawl chart almost finished. (and lots of stuff about half done)

  2. I must say my first thought was NO not a FPT pattern!! My second was ohh pretty! My third was green? A cowl is right next to your face why would she use green? Then finally Oh good, she's gifting it.

    My brain is now done thinking for the day...