22 June 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

This week I gained 0.4 pounds, which I am actually quite fine with.  Losing nearly three pounds (2.8) the week before was pretty ridiculous, especially since it was most stress and not healthy weight loss.  So eating healthy, getting back into a semi-normal routine of things, and calming down AND only gaining 0.4 pounds in the process is mighty fine with me.

Now, for the funny story of the week that does not involve my mom trying to fix me up with a guy who lives 1500 miles away from me and doesn't even live in my mom's town.  Oy.

Awhile ago (and we're talking probably about two months ago), I was going through some things, I found twelve $0.41 stamps.  A few weeks  ago, I decided to go buy some make-up stamps since I was almost out of stamps anyway.  I was feeling all proud of myself for not just chucking the old stamps and buying a new book.  Yay for not wasting money!

Well, between when I had found them and three weeks ago, I forgot the denomination of the stamps.  So when I happened to have a package to mail out anyway, I went to the post office and decided to buy a book of stamps.  "Oh wait," I thought, "I just need some make-up stamps!"  Look at me being all frugal.

So I go up to the counter, post my package, and tell the woman I have twelve forty-two stamps at home, so I need twelve make-up stamps.  She gives me my stamps, my total, I pay her in cash, and I come home, feeling all proud.  I'm saving money.  I'm fiscally responsible.  Go me.

And I put my stamps together and my heart sinks.  Crap.  They're $0.41 stamps.  Not $0.42 stamps.  Sigh.  Well, maybe the postal worker somehow KNEW they never had such a thing as $0.42 stamps (they probably did; I'm making this part up - don't Google it and tell me I'm wrong), psychically knew what I MEANT, and she sold me what I needed ANYWAY.  So I look up the required postage.  Nope.  I'm short by one cent.  Damn.

So, last week, I go to the post office.  For the sole purpose of buying twelve one-cent stamps.  And I'm angry the entire time.  Stupid stupid stupid.

I get home, I call Mom (who knows about the entire saga), I'm putting my stamps in their stamp place (which is by the envelope place), and I suddenly say, "HEY!  WAIT A SECOND!  I have to go back AGAIN!"

Mom tells me to stop yelling in her ear and asks me what's wrong.


"Uh, and you didn't realise this when you paid her for them?  Can you not multiply ten times two?"

So I explain to her that I sent  a package at the same time and only knew the TOTAL, and that I, in fact, am QUITE capable of knowing that ten times two is twenty.

"Oh, good.  You were worrying me there for a second."

So, now I have to go back to the post office.  AGAIN.

For two two-cent stamps.

All because I didn't want to waste $4.92.

(I did point out that at least I'm not driving to the post office and paying for gas each trip.)

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  1. I'd just use both on one envelope. Paying too much once would be SO worth NOT having to go to the post office again.

    BTW Oscar has a phone interview tomorrow.