01 June 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

For those of you keeping track (because I know my weight is SO scintillating), I didn't officially weigh-in last week.  I dutifully weighed in this morning and I gained 0.2 pounds.  Considering that it's officially over the span of two weeks, I'll take it.

I was thinking about this, and I think it's pretty funny that at Weight Watchers meetings, if you "gained" that much, the leader would be all "Aww, that's probably water.  Don't worry!" or "You know, that's just the difference in clothing" or some such.  But if you LOST that much, everyone would celebrate "Hey, take what you can get!" and "Every ounce should be celebrated!"

I've actually got a LOT going on in my life, but none of it is good.  Some of you know a little bit of what is going on, but I think only one person knows ALL of it (well, besides my mom by necessity).  It's just all a long story and kind of complicated.  It would make for one hell of a long blog post, and since I mostly IM with y'all, it's kind of weird to tell the story that way (which is why the person who knows, knows - she and I do a lot of emailing).

Maybe this weekend I'll tell the story in parts or something.  We'll see.

Until then, if you guys can keep me in your thoughts, prayers, wishes, etc., it would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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