04 June 2011

My Life Right Now

As I alluded to earlier this week, my life rather sucks right now.  I've been debating how to tell this story because it's one hell of a long story if I tell it all at once.  But if I tell in two parts, you'd read the first part and think "why the hell has she spent the last two days crying?"  So I'll just start, and we'll see what happens.

For reasons I think you'll all understand, I'm using a bunch of abbreviations for names and not divulging any company names (they'll be C1, C2, etc.)

About two months ago, I found a job online at C1, which happened to be at a place a former professor I've kept in touch with (albeit sporadically) since I had her class several years ago.  To make that portion of a long story short, she was very instrumental in championing me for the job, but it didn't work out, for reasons that had nothing to do with me.  She then pointed me to a job that had opened up in her department, told me about it, and asked if I was interested.  I definitely was!  I applied and got an interview that I think it went about as well as can be expected.

Now, around that time, I had asked someone I had worked for previously, M, if I could still use him as a reference.  He said of course I could.  And he told me that if things with C1 didn't work out, I should let him know as he might have some work (he was working on the proposal) he could use a consultant on.

Two weeks after I interviewed with C1, someone else I used to work for, J, emailed me and said that she knew someone, E, who might be hiring.  Her current data analyst is entering the clinical portion of her doctoral programme, and she was thinking about staying on part-time.  So she might have a part-time position available.  Possibly even a part-time position that could transition to full-time (but who knows when).  We set up an informational interview, but only after I laid out that I had interviewed with someone else.  I did this because J said to use her name, and I didn't want to get something started, then if C1 called, risk making J look bad since I'd used her name and burn any bridges with J since I do have a good relationship with her.

The informational interview went really well.  I left there with a promise to E to call the unemployment people to see how much I can make without jeopardising my unemployment, when exactly my unemployment ends, etc.  In the meantime, she was going to see what she could firm up on her end.

Earlier this week, I emailed C1 to ask for a status.  Then I called the unemployment people.  This, friends, is where the story turns ugly.  I found out that as of 02 April, the unemployment rate dropped.  Ordinarily, I would be happy that people were getting jobs.  However, this means that they cut off the emergency unemployment funding.  I am currently on Tier 3, and I will not be getting Tier 4.  My funding runs out in five weeks.  And they never gave notice.  Boy, am I glad I called!

By then, C1 had answered my email.  The guy said they probably wouldn't be making a decision for several weeks.  The next day, I called M to see about the consultant job he had mentioned.  He said he would know within a couple of weeks whether they got the contract, but even if they did, the work might not begin for several months or a year.

So.  To wrap up: I have five weeks to find a job.  If I don't, I have to move to Missouri.  And I'll be there for awhile, because I have no savings left.  Why not?  Because I've been paying my student loans out of my savings.  So I wouldn't be moving there temporarily while I look for jobs elsewhere.  I'd be stuck in KC for awhile.  I couldn't afford to pitch in for food or bills or ANYTHING since I'd be completely out of unemployment, have no source of income, and out of money.  Oh, and I have no health insurance, and I'd have to find all hew doctors (for those of you who keep track, that's one PCP and six specialists).  Bonus!

Also, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get a job in KC since I don't have a car, and people don't bike there, unless just around the neighbourhood or in parks for fun/exercise.  And I'm going to look pretty silly scheduling interviews around my mom's social calendar (she's booked every day except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).  Oh, and have I mentioned that she's allergic to my cat?

So.  There's the whole story of why my life sucks right now.


  1. That doth sucketh largly.
    Sending energy and hopes that things turn around and the best possible job arrives FAST!

  2. Yes, that does really suck. I don't want you to leave!

  3. Since you are unemployed have you tried to get a deferment on your student loans? I got one. Just try it.