15 June 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

This week, I am down 2.8 pounds.  Apparently, the combination of stress (read: crying more often than not), eating a LOT of salad, and sorting through one's life equals a lot of weight loss!  (By the way, it's not really a weight loss plan I recommend.)

In other news, I'm feeling optimistic today.  Two things happened today that make me feel optimistic.  The Pennsylvania legislators reached a deal to reinstate the extended benefits.  This won't affect the federal emergency benefits that I was on, but when those end, I will now be able to receive the extended benefits.  While the deal was cut, the bill still needs to be pushed through both chambers, get to Gov. Corbett, and signed into law.  The legislators seem optimistic, so I will, too.

The second bit is that a certain telephone conversation took place today that gave me a little bit of hope.  I apologise, but this really isn't the place to go into a great deal of detail.  I'm sorry to keep being so secretive, but -- you know, professionalism and all that.  Just know that I'm feeling good today.  Not great or anything, but good.

Meanwhile I have cleaned out my hall closet except for the drawers that contain my toiletries, and I've added a lot of books to the "Seriously, people - take home some books with you" bookshelf.  Although I'm feeling optimistic, I'm not going to jinx things to stopping moving prep just yet.


  1. Crossing my fingers that benefits get extended!

    I have so many books to get rid of, I'm thinking of trading them in on Amazon. :(

  2. Heh.
    I have gained 14 pounds since Oscar lost his job.
    yuckie poo.

    We bring in quite a bit of money selling books on ebay.