20 June 2011

Book Review: Ex-Girlfriends United

This was a really fun, fast read that I blew through several weeks ago.  It's about Dan Davis, the ultimate womaniser.  I would say that he dumps every woman he meets as soon as he cans so he can move on to the next one, but sometimes he just moves on to the next one without giving the prior one notice.

I won't go into the whole thing since the complete review is here, but the abridged version is that Dan discovers his exes have rated him on a website, which explains his sudden inability to land a date after giving out his number.

Although the book is funny, Dan is one of those characters who, after awhile, you find yourself asking, "How is this person still alive?" and not because someone would have killed him by now but because he's so dumb.  Granted, it provided humour, but there was only so much before one wondered how he functioned if he was truly that stupid.

But the book was pretty funny and I recommend it for anyone looking for a quick, light read.

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