17 June 2011

List #14: Things That Catch My Eye in a Guy

That's right - catch my eye.  So, yes, this is a superficial list - deal with it.  For those who are curious, we're getting to the women next week. 

1.  He has to have good hands.  I don't like guys with delicate or small hands.  He needs to have good, strong hands.

2.  He needs a strong chin.  Guys with weak chins have issues.

3.  A lack of facial hair is a good thing.  Facial hair is a major turn-off to me.  A soul patch is a total non-starter.  Just... no.  Don't even try.

4.  He needs to have great eyes.  I don't really care what colour they are.  But they need to have some depth to them.  You know how sometimes you can look at someone's eyes and wonder if there's anything going on there?  Yeah, that doesn't really work for me.  I dated that guy already.

5.  He doesn't have to have a great ass (don't get me wrong - a great ass would be, well... great), but he needs to have AN ass.  You know those guys who seem to have no ass whatsoever, and you wonder how their pants are staying up?  Yeah, those guys drive me nuts.  I need a guy with an ass.

6.  A guy with a great smile will always catch my eye, though.  This is defined by several things, some of which are things like "not too cheesy," "not too smarmy," etc.  But also things like... I knew this guy in undergrad who had a great smile... until he opened his opened his mouth and one saw how big his gums were.  Or a guy I knew several years ago who had a great smile... until he opened his mouth and one saw his mouldy teeth.  Seriously, people - a great smile goes a long way.


  1. Definitely agree with you on number three. All of these young guys with mountain man beards now scare me.

  2. I'm with you on 1,2,4 & 6. On 3 - i have a week spot for goatees. hate the soul patch thing, hate the below the chin thing, hate the full beard, not a fan of cheesy moustaches, can't stand mutton chops (I'm not that picky am I?) on 5 - yes must have an ass - and it doesn't have to be great but it must be nice. (really hate curt's pants where he looke like he has no ass...)

  3. LOL I used to have a list. Oscar only matches the non-physical elements. He got me with his Tony Curtis eyes.... I am a sucker for Tony Curtis Eyes.