20 July 2011

What to do with Wednesdays?

As I said yesterday, now that I'm Wednesday Weigh-In is on hiatus, I'm taking ideas.

Julie suggested having Felix Wednesdays, and when I asked her if she meant spotlighting Fe or letting him take over for one day a week, she said she had in mind the former (which I think probably relieves Ria, judging from her comment).

I'm still taking comments, ideas, and suggestions until next week rolls around!


  1. How about weird Wednesdays? It has the benefit of alliteration :-} Maybe save up some odd bit of news that is reported at some point during the week to share.

  2. Does Diana realize you only need to wait a few hours to have something weird go on down there??

  3. I know!!! Witless Wednesday!!! You could award the dumbest person all week the Winner of Witless Wednesday !!!!

    You may need to change names to avoid lawsuits...

  4. Knowing how Felix likes changing channels, I suspect his blog posts would be all over the place.