18 July 2011

Book Review: No Rest for the Dead

I'm a big fan of Sandra Brown, so when I saw her name attached to this project, I jumped at the chance to review it.

This is one of those collaborative books, where each mystery author wrote one chapter.  This has its pros and cons, as I tended to want to race through the book and read the chapters where I knew I'd like and be more familiar with writing styles and cadences.

The plot is that the woman convicted of killing of her husband has already been executed by the state.  But now, on the ten-year anniversary of her execution, doubt it being cast on her guilt.

I loved this book, and because I'm huge mystery book buff, I was familiar with about half of the authors.  There were many I'd heard of but just hadn't gotten around to reading, so this was a great way to be introduced to them without committing to an entire book.  Collectively, they came up with a plot that was full of mind-bending twists, without being too "oh, puh-leeze; really????"  Read my full review here.

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