29 July 2011

List #20: Things I Want in a Dream House

Disclaimer: These are not the ONLY things I want, just the things that might be unique to me. I'm not putting things like "plenty of closet space" or "huge master bedroom." I'm also not getting into energy aspects -- just physical desires of the space.

1. A bay window with a seat
I almost have this now since my current flat has a bay window and I have my couch in the bay window, but that isn't what I envision. I want a bay window with a wooden bench. And in the bench I will store afghans and throws that I can use to keep myself nice and warm when I curl up on said bench and read or knit as I enjoy the natural light and watch passers-by outside. Did I mention this window is on either the second or third floor?

2. A kitchen with an island
I have yet to work out if the island is one of those counterspace-only jobs (of course with storage underneath), or what. But I know I must have an island.

3. A craft room
I can display my yarn, have a table for my sewing machine, a table for laying out/cutting material, hooks for my cross-stitch hoops, shelves for my embroidery floss... just for starters. Mind, the crafting won't be limited to this room -- that's just nonsense! But at least I could organise all of the supplies in this room.

4. A utility/laundry room NOT in the basement
I've lived in houses both ways and the not-in-the-basement way was much better. I get that if the washer springs a bad leak, it's awesome if the leak is already in the basement and you don't have to worry about the water flooding the floor below, but otherwise, it's just much more convenient for daily life to not trudge to the basement for tools, laundry, etc.

What would you like in a dream house?


  1. A full depth wrap around porch!! (perfect for mocking w a cup of coffee) A finished basement with a bar set up for sports/race watching.

  2. Os and I are developing just such a list. If Oscar should get a job in another city, he will be too busy to go look at houses (and I am basically confined to the house without him at this point) so we plan to pay someone to find the perfect place for us:

    1. MUST be FULLY handicap accessible, inside and out.
    2. Near an indoor swimming facility, near enough for me to take my chair. (really the only/best aerobic exercise I can participate in)
    3. enough indoor sun to have plants inside and help Oscars S.A.D.
    4. a terrace/balcony for container gardening
    5. a window where I can see a bird feeder.
    6. at least 3 bedrooms
    7. near enough to a library or place to meet crafters that I can travel there in my chair so I can have a social life again.

    That's pretty much it