19 July 2011

And the Medical Weirdness Continues

I've been having some symptoms for awhile that I was curious about, and my PCP knew as my last visit with her that I was most likely going to be without health insurance for awhile.  She made it very clear that if I had any questions at any time, I should feel free to call her.  So yesterday, I put in a call to her.

She has a theory that makes sense with the symptoms I gave her, but it's one I'm REALLY unhappy about.  It's not life-threatening, but it would definitely be life-altering, in a rather huge way.  Her back-up theory also makes sense, and would be much less of a shake-up in my life.

For now, though, since I have no health insurance and we can't test her theory reliably, we're staying the course to see if things right themselves, which she said there IS a chance of happening, albeit slim.

I don't mean to be mysterious, but until I can get some answers that are more firm, I'm really only sharing this with my mom and perhaps a few friends with whom I am extremely close.  When I know more, I'll share.

Until then, Wednesday Weigh-In posts are on hiatus for awhile, although I'll continue to track privately, as she's asked me to do.  I would do WIP Wednesdays, but the project I'll be starting next is a secret (and, frankly, kind of repetitive). 

Any ideas?


  1. I'm crossing my fingers that things right themselves for you.

    Maybe you need to have Felix Wednesdays. :)

  2. Does Julie know what kind of stuff Felix would post??