09 July 2011


This week, I've been tackling a bunch of housework.  There's no particular reason -- it all started around Tuesday and it's just been continuing.  It started with the kitchen.  And I mean a really good scrub down.  Even the trash can got scrubbed out.

I went and got $20 worth of quarters, and I'm trying to get every piece of dirty laundry in my place cleaned.  This is a process because there are a LOT of things that I don't dry, which means that I'm really doing this over a lot of days since I need to let things dry on hangers in my place, recover the hangers, then repeat.

In the meantime, I'm tackling other rooms.

And, I tried a new recipe today.  I actually saw it on Food Network from the woman I hate most on Food Network, and the ONLY reason I watched this episode was because I didn't change the channel in time, and I heard her say, "Coming up... Vidalia Corn Muffins."  Crap.

And, damn.  They're good.  I had to try REALLY REALLY hard to not eat all 15 of them tonight.  The recipe will be posted this week for Recipe Thursday.


  1. One of the best residuals from Angie's Dance competition days is a commercial rolling garment rack. They were pretty popular among the dancers because many of the dressing rooms were high school cafeterias - and even when they were backstage there were more girls than hanging spaces. Add the fact that Angie averaged about 20 costumes she needed to bring - plus shoes and accessories it was the best option for rolling her stuff in and out. The kind they sell for your attic or when you have a lot of company fall apart after they roll around. Less than a dance season they lasted. So now- I can hang my stuff to dry on a I think 5 ft rack and if I go nuts and need more the 2 ends extend out giving me 8 ft.

    Good to know I actually got something from the tens of thousands of dollars I shelled out.

  2. Vidalia Corn muffins sound AWESOME!!!

    We have regular onions and corn meal... hmmmm...
    I bet toasted onion muffins would be good, too. Maybe with some green pepppers...