30 July 2011

Felix's New Toy

I went to the pet store the other day because Felix needed new cat litter. While I was there, I decided to buy a new water bowl. Now, those of you who have met Felix know that he has some issues with skittishness. Others of you have heard about his legendary skittishness. So now you can imagine the trauma I put my cat through when I made him get used to a new water bowl.

It took him two days before he'd approach it without any sense of trepidation whatsoever. The first day, he wouldn't even go near it. The water bowl was clearly Not To Be Trusted.

Gratuitous picture of Felix being cute.

I had a feeling that things would not go well with the water bowl (I know my boy), so I bought him a bag of treats. Staring at the wall o' treats at the store, I immediately eliminated a few. I know Fe tends to like fish-flavoured things. I finally settled on a treat advertised for older cats; it purported to be for "hip health" and it's salmon flavoured.

I came home and gave him one. When he nearly bit my finger off, I gave him another. Cat went nuts. I mean NUTS. When I put the bag on the coffee table, the cat who usually doesn't get on the coffee table (even though he's allowed on it) knocked everything off of it trying to open the bag. He finally flung the bag off the table and chased it around the room, until he knocked it under the couch. Then he cried. And cried. And cried.

I showed him where the package reads, "12-17 pounds - 2 treats daily." And I explained to Felix that since he weighs 13 pounds, he shouldn't have more. But he didn't care. So I gave him two more. And I told him he had had that day's and the next day's allotment -- no more until Thursday.

A couple of hours later, I crinkled a plastic bag, and he nearly gave himself whiplash looking for his new treats. A little bit after that, he decided to try to get into the bag again. Soon, the bag was on the floor again.

Felix recommends Zukes!

I'm telling you, the cat has gone nuts.

In the meantime, though, my four dollars were well spent.


  1. That's awesome. I'll have to look for those treats for Pinky.

    Did he like his new water dish?

  2. Poor Fe!! Did he ever drink out of the bowl??

    They make dog treats - my mom's 12 yr old akita has issues with steps - if the cat treats are that good, i may look for the canine version for sarah.

  3. I will definitely look for those!
    Our cats' favorite toy is a long cigar-shaped tube with catnip in it. SO simple, I am not buying another one (Oscar bought this one) just whipping up a few hand-made ones.