23 July 2011

Supper by Committee

Last night, I decided it was too hot to cook in my apartment.  Of course, this was partly due to my own stupidity.  I have window units in my living room and in my bedroom, and when I took a nap in my bedroom, I turned off the unit in my living room in an effort to save energy and money.  So when I woke up and returned to the rest of the house, it was stifling hot.  (Lesson learnt: Next time, leave it on a wee bit or at least leave it on fan.)

Although I had thawed out two hamburger patties for supper, there was no way I was turning on the stove when the living room was still warm.  Now, when I'm on my couch, I sit directly in front of my window unit, so sitting there was fine.  But, literally, if I crossed the room, I could feel a difference in the temperature.  So the thought of turning on cooking heat was a bummer.

Chinese delivery to the rescue!  But what to order?  I called Mom for ideas.  So told me I was definitely in the mood for cold noodles with sesame sauce and fried rice.  Okay, sure.  I've not had them before, but anything cold sounded like a winner.  But I decided I needed more.  So I IMed Ria and asked her what else what I wanted.  After some negotiating, we decided I wanted: crab rangoon, veggie fried rice, crab rangoons, and steamed veggie dumplings.

(Note: I had suggested to Mom that fried rice would be unhealthy, but she told me it isn't unhealthy when it's what you're in the mood to eat.  I was astonished that she had let me live THIS LONG without telling me this little rule of eating.  I think it's sinful, really.  But she taught home ec, so she MUST know what she's talking about!)

I ordered from China Inn, and I have to say they have great customer service.  I discovered this morning that they had accidentally sent me pork dumplings, and I called them immediately.  They checked the receipt and confirmed that I had, indeed, ordered veggie.  They offered me my choice of a credit on my account, I could come pick up the correct order, or they would re-deliver.  I asked them to re-deliver, and within 30 minutes, I had fresh, hot veggie dumplings with absolutely no hassle.  Yay!

Next time I get Chinese, any suggestions?

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