06 July 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

I gained 0.6 pounds this week.  I felt a little bummed about it as I could see the numbers creeping up slowly throughout the week, until I went to the tailor yesterday to get my interview suit pants altered.

See, the last two interviews I went on, the pants were loose, but I made do.  While I can do some alterations, they weren't loose enough for me to mess with.  Plus, they're my GOOD pants, so I didn't want to mess them up - most of my other clothes (yes, even my work clothes) are thrift store purchases, so if I mess those up, it's no big loss.  But when I tried these on this week in anticipation of an interview next week, it was awful.  So to the tailor I went... and we had to take them in an entire inch!

In other news, my friend Julie and I were discussing last night... well, it's a long story.  But it ended with us coming up with East Minville and East Julietown.  And Julie decided that East Minville would have great restaurants, awesome bookstores, and a Neutrogena store.  (Our cities had to start with "East" because that makes them sound "bad."  It's a rule.)

So, my question to you is this: If you had a town named after you, what stores would it have?  What would the population be?  Rural, urban, or suburban?


  1. East Julietown would be an island. It would be modeled after Tashirojima, Japan. But there would be a Target, a fabric/craft store and a really good bakery.

  2. Mine would be rural. There would be an awesome Irish pub, a sushi bar, a yarn store/ coffee shop..

  3. Rural, but close enough to a big city to attend cool events.
    Great sushi Bar, old bookstore with that great smell, a minor league baseball team with weekly games, a farm that raises all kinds of fiber critters with yarn and roving for sale (and allows visitors to pet the animals), a Transylvanian Family Restaurant with eastern european home cooking (no, really, we had one in Ypsi until a few years ago), A leather-goods store, an annual Scottish Games (LOVE those kilts) a Kick ass garden store, an intimate concert hall for big name events (no more than 75 people in the audience), a Pub with a great ploughman's lunch, a HUGE pool complex right next to my house including an indoor pool for year-round swimmming.