27 July 2011

Wednesday Weirdness

I normally don't watch the news.  I get my news from either the paper or online sources.  I like to able to control what I'm exposed to, so I don't get overly depressed or angry by sensationalised stories or "stories."

But last night, I was doing something when the show I was watching went off and the news came on, and I wasn't able to change the channel on time.  And before I knew it, the most amazing thing unfolded before my ears.  So I had to rewind to see if what I THOUGHT had happened had actually happened.

In a nutshell, here's what went down: A reporter was reporting live on an animal hoarding story in front of the house from which the animals were confiscated.  Suddenly, a man attacked the reporter and his cameraman - on live television!  The anchor (safely back in the studio) quickly cut to another story.

Later in the newscast, they came back to the live reporter who explained that the attacker was the son of the man arrested (who owned the house they were standing in front in), but the police now had him in handcuffs.  He reported on the story, wrapping up by letting us know he had to go give his statement to the police.

The fantastic thing about this is the stupidity of the attacker.  Who thinks, "Oh hey!  There's a live telecast; I'll go attack the guy reporting on live television in front of the camera recording everything!"

Here are the videos so you, too, can revel in the sheer awesome of this.  (Warning: I laughed myself silly for a good ten minutes.)

The first video with the attack: