22 July 2011

List #19: Jobs I Would Never Want

1. Garbage man
God bless the good people who do this.  On most days I could handle the weather (especially depending on the city), but I really couldn't handle the stench.  I used to know someone who did this (the husband of my Girl Scout troop leader), and he claimed that you just got used to it.  I supposed you'd have to.

2.  Full-time retail
I've done retail on a part-time/seasonal basis, but I couldn't do it as my full-time career.  I just don't have the patience to deal with rude, stupid people on a regular basis.

3.  Marketing
I consider myself a creative person.  I make my own greeting cards, I used to do a lot of writing (including stand-up material), and I have a few other creative outlets.  But I don't think I could be creative on demand.  Especially for particular clients whose products I just didn't "get" or found ridiculous but was paid to push anyway.

4.  Podiatrist
There's no way I want to look at people's feet all day.  Ew.

5.  Dentist
Really?  Stare inside people's mouths all day?  Sorry, but no.

6.  Gynaecologist
No.  Just... no.

7.  Postal worker
I never really gave this one much thought until the past year when I've become friendly with my mail carrier and we've had a lot of conversations about her job.  She's taken to wearing rubber gloves when she empties blue drop boxes because of all of the hazardous items dropped in there.  She finds needles, guns, and other random items.  (Random fact: She recommends not dropping anything important in there because people set them on fire as pranks.)  I've also learnt a LOT about the politics of the job - wowza.  The USPS is no longer a government job, but it's still pretty political since it's union, and some of the stories she's told just amaze me.  Also, this combines the weather issue with working with crazy people (she's told me about some of the people on her route), so it just seems like too many issues in one job.


  1. 1. When I was an ASM I had to do garbage, I often thought if I WAS a garbage person - I'd get better benefits and holidays off.

    2. hmmmph

    3. Funny would turn to mocking pretty quick and I'd get fired.

    4. Have you seen some peoples feet? I think there should be a public health policy preventing some people fromm wearing sandals in public!

    5. Paralysing, panic attack inducing phobia

    6. yeast infections... blech

    7. I'd be one who "goes postal"

  2. I would totally be a garbage collector here if I could drive that big ass truck. They don't even touch the trashcans anymore here. The trucks have an arm that lifts them and dumps them in the truck and then sets them back down. If people leave extra bags outside of their cans they just get left behind. But I couldn't do it if it wasn't like that.