26 July 2011

Life Update

I have ten weeks of unemployment left, so I'm not QUITE at the point where I need to start panicking and packing yet, but it's getting uncomfortable.

On the other hand, there are some things going that generally lead me to believe that maybe things are turning around and things MIGHT (just maybe possibly might) be okay.  Or at least okay enough to keep me in Philly long enough for me to figure out a better situation.

Some of you may have read on Twitter that my mom hit the ER this past weekend.  She's doing well now.  Her rheumatologist had decreased her steroids (as a normal course of treatment from her whole thing a couple of months ago), but the decrease was apparently too much and she woke up Saturday with a headache as bad as the one that initially sent her to hospital back then.  Then managed her pain, gave her some stuff to manage her pain at home, increased her meds to where they were, and sent her back home.

My grandma had ALSO just been discharged from hospital (yes, the same one - my family, keeping Centerpointe in business!) earlier in the week, but she's doing fine, as well.  I'm less clear what that was about, because getting clear details from that house is like...  well, let's just say it's difficult.

And that random medical bizarreness I'm having?  It's still happening and it's still difficult. 

That's it!  You're updated now.

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  1. when you use the world medical and bizarreness in the same paragraph much less sentence I get nervous...