25 July 2011

Book Review: Still Missing

Those of you who have ever slept with me in a motel or over-nighted at my house know that part of my nightly ritual is to read in bed.  In fact, I will often literally read until I fall asleep, which is why I sometimes wake up with a book hovering mere centimetres over my eyes.  Yes, my arms will still be holding the book up.  Well, except for the times that I'm awoken by the book hitting me in the face when it has slipped from my fingers.

But this was the rare book that was so stunningly good that it kept me awake until I had literally (yes, I know I'm using that word again) read it all in one sitting.  I had intended to just start it that night.  But it gripped me and never let go.

Annie O'Sullivan is real estate agent holding an open house.  Her last prospect for the day turns out to be her kidnapper.  So far, not the most unique plot, right?  However, it's not the plot that's unique here but the storytelling.  This book is told from Annie's perspective as she tells her therapist her story.  Each chapter is one session with her therapist.  At first, she is reluctant to open up and tells only the barebones of the story.

My full review of this hauntingly beautiful story is here.


  1. That sounds really good. :)

    I fall asleep reading every night too. But I always drop the book.

  2. Books I read in one sitting are dangerous. I need to guess and read them over the weekend/