13 July 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

I gained another 0.6 pounds.  And now I'm even more confused.  Because my current jeans no longer fit, so I went through some jeans I have and found some jeans that are a size down that my mom had bought me last year and tried those on.  They seemed more comfortable, but when I wore them around today to run errands with Rachel, I kept having to hike them up.  So I'm clearly losing inches.

But in the past two weeks, I've gained more than a pound so I'm more than a little annoyed.  We'll see.

Today was spent with Rachel.  We ran some errands out by her house (in the City Line area).  I had a coupon for Chili's so we had lunch out there, and then we used a Groupon I had for an Ethiopian place for supper.  Sooooo good.

AND... I finished another knitting project!  More on that Friday!