15 July 2011

List #18: Pets I've Had

1. Beth - a dog of unknown breed
If Mom wasn't asleep because she has to wake up at 4:00 a.m. because she has to be at the American Girl doll place at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, she could probably tell me what kind of dog Beth was.  Funny thing is, until about 20 years ago (which was LONG after Beth had died), I thought the poor girl's name was Bath.

2.  Mimi - a miniature poodle (but not a toy)
She was a great dog.  Poor girl got blamed for all these holes in every sheet we had.  She loved to lick our sheets, and we always thought Mimi licked holes in our sheets.  Then she died.  And new holes popped up.  We figured out the culprit -- the washing machine.  Sorry, Mimi.

3.  Max - a cairn terrier.
Max and Mimi were the best of friends.  Max was an awesome dog.  As long as you were petting him, he was happy.  I used to put barrettes in his hair and them pull them out because I always found barrettes difficult to pull apart.  He never once barked or yelped at me.  He found him as a stray in a Hardee's parking lot and took him home.  I wanted to name him Maxwell House.  To this day, I'm bitter I got voted down.

4.  Smokey - an awesome cat.
He'd kill you for a piece of cantaloupe.  It got to the point where we wouldn't even try to eat cantaloupe if he was in the house.  One day, he bit me, so I grabbed his tail and bit him back; he never bit me again.  He was an indoor/outdoor cat.   One day, he left and never came back.

5.  A duck whose name I can't remember
Mom bought him at a Swap 'n' Shop because she loved ducks.  Fortunately, we had a small pond with a small waterfall in our backyard where he was supposed to live.  Did you know ducklings can drown if left unattended too long in a pond?  Neither did we.

6.  Rocky - a parakeet
He mostly stayed in his cage, but when he was allowed to roam, he LOVED to chew paper.  I got in trouble a lot for handing in homework that was nibbled.  He had him when we collected Coca-Cola memorabilia, and he was able to say "Coke is it!"  When we hit the road for the summer, our pet-sitter tried to teach him how to say "But Pepsi's better!"

7.  Nicky - a Yorkshire terrier
When Mimi died, Mom was heartbroken so we got Nicky as a Christmas present.  Nicholas Sebastian was a smart dog most days.  But he burped a lot.  Mostly right in your face right when you picked him up.  Nicky and Max were awesome friends, and they ruled the backyard.  No squirrels allowed!

8.  New Dog - half Lab/half Shepherd (we think)
He was dumped in the parking lot of the school Mom worked in.  Mom brought him home while a co-worker asked his wife if he could bring the dog home.  I told Mom if he had to ask, the answer was no; I was right.  Meanwhile, we fostered the dog until we could find a home for him.  We didn't want to name him, so we referred to him as the new dog.  "Let Nicky and the new dog out."  By the time it was apparent that WE were his new home, he was answering to New Dog.

9.  Oscar - a black cat
The awesomest black cat ever.  The shower-loving cat who could open a closed door using his paws to turn a door handle. 

10.  Felix - a white/grey cat
The awesomest Felix cat ever.  Sometime during the night last night, he turned the tv to the "How to use the remote" channel.  It's not enough that the regularly changes the channel, but now he's actively trying to educate himself on the rest of the remote.  He frightens me.

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