03 July 2011

A Mundane Weekend

Someone asked me what I'm doing this weekend for the holiday.

Uh...  not much, really.  Watching the races, doing some reading, catching up on some knitting and spinning, and that's about it.  I watched the Wimbledon finals.  My mom is visiting her brother-in-law in Clinton, MO, and Felix keeps watching this big-ass fly that's dive bombing his head.

Oh yeah - big times over here.

I did try a new Crock Pot recipe today, so that was exciting.  I'll post on Thursday.  You cabbage lovers will be excited.

While this weekend isn't the height of excitement, it is relaxing - NASCAR, reading, knitting, spinning, and a cat.  Not bad, really!

I hope everyone else is having a safe holiday weekend!


  1. I thought Philly did a huge weeklong 4th thing?

  2. Sounds a lot like our weekend, minus the spinning :-}