02 July 2011

Michael Jackson Radio

On Ravelry, there's a Michael Jackson Tribute group, and, of course, I'm a member.  As you might imagine, it was much more active when Michael first died, and action kicks up on the anniversary of his death and his birthday, but we all still chatter every once in awhile.

I posted last week on there when some of us were talking about how we were spending the day remembering him on the second anniversary of his death.  Some of my post was similar to my blog post here, but some of it was different because the audience was different.

One of the women there PMed (private messaged) me on Rav earlier this week.  She had seen my message there, and she wanted to let me know that there's a Michael Jackson group on Ustream.  They meet every Monday and Friday and listen to MJ songs for five hours and chat.  She invited me to join in and check it out.  I wasn't sure it would be for me, but hey - what was the harm in it?

It was actually a lot of fun.  The guy who runs it is in California (thus the outrageously late hours for East Coast people!), and many of the people had been in Disneyland last week for World Michael Jackson day.  A lot of the conversation in the chat room while we all listened to MJ songs was reminiscing about their time together, so that was kind of meh, but some of the rest of the conversation was fun.  I'll definitely be back.

I also found out there's a woman in the group who lives not far from me!  Ha!  I had to go to Ravelry to meet a woman in Connecticut to tell me about a group in California where I went to meet a woman from the next county over.  She told me that a woman there is organising the Thrill the World event for the Philly area this area, so I might actually get involved this year.  We'll see.

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