31 August 2011

My day... yesterday

In giving my thoughts about work yesterday, I didn't tell you about my adventures in getting to work yesterday.

First, I mixed up my hand soap with my facial moisturiser.  Then, I dropped my loaded toothbrush onto my bathmat.  And, of course, it fell toothpaste-side down.  I thought I was all good after I got the morning ablutions sorted out.

I got dressed, felt good, and tried to head to work.  At that time of day, the trolley comes pretty often, but I wanted to know which trolley I could catch.  In attempting to look up the trolley schedule, I looked up the NASCAR schedule instead.  Oy.

When I got finally got to work (via a trolley, not via a NASCAR driver), I waited in the lobby while security got my permanent security badge together.  (I had used a temp badge on Monday.  And they're needed!  I need it just to get to the restroom, if I want to use the shortcut through the stairwell.)

While I was sitting there, I noticed that something seemed... odd.  I discreetly checked, using my bag as a shield, and yep - I had arrived to work with my pants unzipped.

I'm happy to report that I arrived to work today with none of that fuss!


  1. LOL!!

    PS- Curt thinks I'm the only one who uses the word ablutions.

  2. Ria,

    You and Min are the only ones to use the word ablutions, I do too!

  3. Maybe it was sort of like a dress rehearsal?

    I use the word ablutions, ,and if I've been reading historical romance, the occasional 'morning toilette'