10 August 2011

Can Someone Explain...

why doing so little is so exhausting?

All I did today was walk through the city, have an appointment with my therapist, walk back through the city, buy some egg noodles, buy a few things at Trader Joe's that I need to make a recipe for tomorrow, and then come back home.  And then I fell asleep watching tv tonight.

I'm chalking it up to walking around in the sun (unlike all of the other summer days this year that I've walked around this year).

So far, this week has been great.  On Monday, I got to have lunch with my friend Anjeanette, which was MUCH overdue.  I wish we had more time -- stupid work lunch hours!

On Tuesday, I had lunch with my friend Shelley, which was even more overdue than spending time with Anjeanette.  Again, we needed more time.  Again -- stupid work lunch hours!

Sometime in the next couple of days, I expect to hear from my friend Kristi, and we'll be making plans for this weekend so I can see her while she's in town.  I suspect that will also be too short of a visit, but not because of work.

I'll try to write something more exciting this weekend.  There's a GREAT recipe in store for you tomorrow!


  1. I'd like to know too. I do nothing all day. Well I sit at a desk all day and I am exhausted. I can barely stay up past 10pm.

  2. I've been tired all summer. But it's working outside and being out too much all weekend,