21 August 2011

My Verizon Story: Part III

I called Dispatch again this morning as soon as they opened (that's 8:00 a.m., btw, in case you ever need them).  I was told that the tech hadn't updated the ticket, and that if a pair switch was the issue, the problem would most likely take 72 hours to fix.  I went a little ballistic on the supervisor I then asked to speak to after I was told in great detail about the work stoppage and why they couldn't help me.  I told them to stop telling me what they COULDN'T do for me and to start telling me what they COULD do for me.

I also told them that I thought it was odd that if I called them and told them I couldn't pay my bill because I had a work stoppage and was unemployed, they wouldn't "just deal with it," they would cut my service off.  But they expected me to be understanding.  At that point, the call with the supervisor mysteriously got disconnected.  Interesting.  He did call back about ten minutes later, with a promise to monitor the ticket.  Gee, thanks.

At exactly 2:15 p.m., the dispatcher from the previous night (who had promised to monitor the ticket and follow up when she got back into the office) called me.  She said the ticket had been update overnight (interesting, right?) and that the problem was NOT a pair in Central Office, but that it was an underground cable.  The problem had been assigned to a new tech group, and would not be worked on until Thursday due to...... the work stoppage.

At this point, I began going door-to-door in my building asking neighbours if I could borrow their network for a week.  You'd be surprised how few of my neighbours use wifi!

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