26 August 2011

List #24: Things I Keep in My Office Desk

1. Vitamins
Before I took prescription Vit D, I took that every day.  I take a huge loading dose of Vit C when I think I'm getting sick, and I take a multi when I can remember (so keeping a bottle in my desk is helpful).

2.  Hand-sanitiser
Especially helpful for when people with grubby hands insist on coming in and handling everything.

3.  Feminine hygiene products
For days when I need extra supplies

4.  Hand lotion
Neutrogena, of course.

5.  Facial blotting tissues
Neutrogena, of course.

6.  Chapstick
Do I really need to tell you which brand?

7.  Toothbrush/toothpaste
For days when lunch was garlicky, when I had a dental appointment right after work, or just wanted to freshen up between work and meeting someone after.  Though someone mentioned having the Brush-Ups, and I might do that instead.

8.  Extra nylons in case I got a run in the ones I was wearing
If the run was up the leg, I didn't care.  But I can't stand my toe poking through.  *shudder*

9.  A paring knife
For FRUIT to eat for snacks/lunch, people!  Relax!

10.  A few CDs

11.  My favourite pens
The workplace always supplies pens, but I have a certain pen I prefer.

What are some other suggestions for things I should be toting in?  I won't necessarily be hauling in a huge bag my first day, of course.  But there are some things I'll want right away and some things I'll discover I'll want as I go.  What do you have in your desk/locker?

1 comment:

  1. I keep sanitizing wipes for my computer because gross people insist on touching stuff.

    (I keep extra knife blades, and Sawyers 100% DEET - but you probably don't need that)

    I keep Excedrin (it can sometimes kill s migraine if I get it early) Airborne & a herbal immune system boosting tea ( I refuse to get sick)

    A few fabric flexible band aids - we have crappy ones in the first aid kit. Nail glue- works great on little cuts after the initial burn, cortaid (for when I get brain damage and don't use the deet)

    In addition to pens ( I am SOO picky) I have my own sharpies, highlighters (I swear you can't highlight one line or word with the kind they have) and colored paper clips. Not just because I like the colors - its faster when all of one kind of report have the same color clip.

    I also keep true lemon and true lime - for when I just have to drink the crappy Aquafina/Dasani water. And Starbucks instant coffee.