06 August 2011

The Co-Workers

I called my sister last week to let her know that I FINALLY had a job, and she was excited for me.  What she hadn't known (until last week) was that I was down to my last nine weeks of unemployment.

Since I've been unemployed for the last year and half now, I told my sister, "Okay, I need to get something straight now.  I've forgotten how this goes."  "What's that?" she asked.

"What's the roster of annoying people I'll be working with?  You know what I mean... how there's always THOSE people."

We came up with "The One Who Knows Everything" (who may or may not be the same person as "The One Who Can Do Everything Better/Faster"), "The Slacker," and "The Finger Pointer" (aka: It Isn't MY Fault and Here's Why).

But in her current job, she doesn't actually work with people much anymore, so she's kind of forgotten how this goes. 

So, I'm asking you: who am I missing?


  1. The One Who Always Asks You Questions But Doesn't Trust Your Answer So They Ask Someone Else Too. (When they could've just asked that person from the start and left you alone.)

  2. The chatter/gossip. They stop by when you are trying to work and stand there and try to engage you in a conversation, you usually could care less about.