09 August 2011

Phone Calls with Mom

Those of you who have read for awhile know about the various conversations Mom and I have had about the tv show "The Mentalist."  We were at it again Friday.

Mom: There's nothing good on tv tonight.
Me: Watch what I'm going to watch.  No, wait - never mind.  You never like my suggestions.
Mom: I like that show with that mentally ill guy!
(Then she has a giggle fit.)

Me (laughing): He's not mentally ill!  He's the Mental-IST!
Mom (laughing harder): Ohhhhhhh.
Me: Well, do you know what I'm going to watch tonight?
Mom: Okay.
Me: It's on ABC.  Do you know which channel that is?
Mom: No.
Me.  Oy.  It's Bryan Busby's [a local news meteorologist] channel.
Mom: Oh, that's channel 9, that's really channel 12.
Me: Uh-huh, anyway, it's going to be on there at seven o'clock your time.
Mom: So, Bryan Busby at seven.
Me: Otherwise known as ABC.
Mom: I don't know what ABC is!  I can't remember all those!  Just tell me what channel!
Me: Mom, I don't know what channel it is for you!  For me it's channel 6!
Mom: That's ESPN.
Me: Oh my God.  (pause)  So, are you going to watch?
Mom: I don't know.  I don't keep the remote.
Me: Then why are you griping about being bored tonight?
Mom: Well, I want to enjoy what I'm stuck watching!
Me: Then tell him to change the channel!
Mom: He won't listen to me.
Me: Oh my God.  Which one here is mentally ill?

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