29 August 2011

Book Review: Breaking Silence

Chief of Police Kate Burkholder has been trying to investigate a string of hate crimes in an Amish community, but the Amish are reluctant to report the crimes, mostly because it would mean involving the English.  Kate understands this mindset since she was raised Amish, although it makes her job no less frustrating.

But when the adults of Amish family are killed leaving four children orphaned, Kate knows she has no choice but to investigate, no matter how the Amish community feels about her involvement.  Have the hate crimes escalated?

The events bring up memories for Kate, and these memories may show that she's too close to the case to be effective.

Read my full review of this captivating mystery here.

1 comment:

  1. I always like to learn something new when I read, even in fiction. I did not know that you could die very quickly in a manure pit. I figured it would be very unpleasant, but lethal had not occurred to me. And while this is information I probably won't need, I'll be sure to avoid all manure pits in the future.