07 August 2011

This Week

So far this week, I have lunch scheduled with two friends - both are people I haven't seen in awhile.  One I haven't seen in several months, and the other I literally haven't seen in years, although we have kept in touch.  It's a little ridiculous that we haven't seen each other since she works in the city, but she travels a lot for her job and when I worked, I worked on the opposite side of the city.  When I didn't work, I didn't really have the extra money to be travelling to the city just for a lunch that I couldn't necessarily afford.

But I do want to see her this week since she served as a job reference and helped me network and all that good stuff.  Also, I'm going to be inviting her to my "Yay - I Got a Job!" celebratory supper, but her daughter is getting married in two weeks (a large wedding with a LOT of out-of-towners coming in), so it seemed like getting together for lunch was a safer way to go.

I have an appointment on Wednesday.

And an out-of-town friend will be in town this weekend.  Her daughter has a Girls Rock Philly concert on Saturday.  I was invited to it, and while I'd love to support Iris, I didn't want that to be our "catching up" time.  I'd much rather have time alone to ACTUALLY be able to talk since I haven't seen Kristi since she moved to South Carolina.  Again, she and I have kept in touch, but much of that has been about her book, my job search, and other blah stuff.  I really want to actually TALK to her.

Finally, plans for this week are a little difficult because I may or may not be working at the part-time job I mentioned last week.  It's increasingly looking like I won't be, but I'm trying not to book up too much since I hate breaking commitments.  So pretty much every plan that I make is with the caveat that the plan is tentative unless it's an evening plan.  Blech.


  1. 2 weeks until we get to hang out... with Fe....

  2. I hear that. Because of my health EVERYTHING is tentative until the actual day arrives. I am slowly becoming used to it, but it doth suck at times.