23 August 2011

Chilling with Ria and Curt

Ria and Curt helped their daughter Angie move back in to Temple yesterday.  As is custom, as soon as her stuff was unloaded, they were ceremoniously kicked out, which left them free to hang out with me.  Yay!  We had lunch at Chickie's and Pete's, where I introduced them to the wonder that is Crab Fries.

We also went to Target, where I crawled around on the ground in an attempt to fix the truck (I failed miserably).  We hit Modell's, in an attempt to de-funk-ify my sneakers (we failed miserably).  We then hit up Lowe's, where we were more successful -- Curt got a screwdriver set he wanted, and I got some keys made, some sneaker odour-remover stuff, AND I pictures of Chad Knaus!  (Okay, a fake Chad, and not even Mini Chad, but a Chad nonetheless).  Ria got an even better picture of him, and we decided it shall be my screen-saver for my new job.

From there, we headed to my place to hang out and let lunch settle until we deemed it time for supper.  We hit up Pattaya, where they generously treated me to supper as a "congrats on the job" meal - yay!  I didn't realise this was Curt's first foray into Thai food!  A great time was had by all, I think.  I got the drunken noodles, Ria got the late night noodles, and Curt got something that wouldn't kill him (sans shellfish and peanuts).

Curt headed home, Ria and I watched and episode of "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" (it's my mission to get everyone hooked on this show), then we hit the hay.  Today, we hit the Gold Standard Café for breakfast, then the post office where Ria nearly got us kicked out for making a scene, the pet shop, and then back to my place for two more episodes of "Decoded."  (Ria's nearly through Season One - just in time for Season Two!)

Just as she was about to leave, the earthquake hit!  More on that tomorrow!

I also want to give a huge shout-out to Julie who sent me an über-sweet note of luck and encouragement yesterday because she thought it was my first day of work.  It truly is the thought that counts.  Thank you!


  1. Crab fries? I must know what these are.

  2. I am so glad for you! I hope you enjoy your new job. You are gonna ROCK! (and do you watch NASCAR performance? Lots fo great Chad time (I'm there for the Bootie)

  3. You started it at the Post Office.

    Curt's dad was very impressed he finally tried thai.