20 August 2011

My Verizon Story: Part II

The tech arrived today at 3:18 p.m. (after I called Dispatch twice to make SURE he was coming and then got two different stories about this).  He called and was indignant that I didn't answer the door after he had been knocking for awhile.  Uh, dude - I live on the second floor of an apartment building.

After doing whatever he does, he informed me that the problem wasn't mine (gee, thanks), but with a pair at Central Office.  Once that was switched, I'd be back in business.  When I asked him how long that would take to fix, he said once he put the order in, it could take a few hours or up until tomorrow.  I let him know that I needed my internet to do daily work.  (Again, volunteer work, but it's work that at least a few hundred people depend on me for, and I take my commitments seriously.)  He said he would let them know so they could prioritise my job.

I waited a few hours and called Dispatch to check on where my job was in the queue at Central Office.  The ticket hadn't been updated by the tech.  And they couldn't call him to ask him to do this because local dispatch had already closed, but that if it was a pair, it would take 24-48 hours to fix.  They asked me to call back tomorrow morning.  I asked what good that would do - if the tech hadn't updated the ticket yet, why did they think he would do so between now and tomorrow morning when he's off-duty?  I was told he might have told local dispatch the necessary information but not updated the ticket.  Uh, yeah - THAT seems likely.

We'll see.

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