12 August 2011

List #22: Would-be Celeb Indulgences

If I had celebrity millions to spend, I would indulge in the following:

1.  New sheets when the sheets were changed.  I don't need new sheets every day, and I don't mean freshly washed sheets every day.  I mean brand-spanking new sheets.  Crisp, new, never-before slept on sheets.  But I'd like my blanket and quilt to remain the same.  I would, of course, donate the "old" sheets every time changing.

My mom said she would want freshly washed sheets every day, so I told her when my housekeepers changed the sheets, I could have them wash them and send them to her house.

2.  A trainer.  The gym I used to go to gave free training sessions when you joined, and I loved the trainer I worked with (Melissa).  She was really awesome, and I miss working out with her.  I can't really justify the cost of working with someone now, but I'd if I had celeb wealth, I would definitely splurge.

3.  An interior decorator.  I don't want someone to totally do everything for me, but I definitely need help in this department.  I know which colours I like, but I suck at knowing how to place things so that it doesn't look like I just threw pictures on a wall haphazardly.  Or how to place my furniture in such a way that maximizes my space - all those things that decorators know and do.

4.  A personal shopper who will just go buy clothes for me and alter them so I never have to try anything on ever again.  I hate clothes shopping.  HATE it.  God bless Rachel who is going work clothes shopping with me on Tuesday next week.  She has done this with me before (when I needed to buy a suit for our thesis defence/job interviews) and she told me told not to wear my sourpuss face and grumble about her making me try everything on.

5.  I don't want a cook/personal chef because I love cooking, but sometimes I wish I had someone who could suggest things to cook.  For instance, Angel Food almost always has a head of cabbage in their fruit and veggie box.  And I'm running out of ideas for what to do with cabbage.  It'd be nice to have someone who knows my tastes AND my dietary restrictions (low-carb, low-gluten, and pork-free) who can suggest things.

6.  I would need a super-large freezer to hold most of the Ben and Jerry's flavours.  I like a lot of them, and it's difficult to decide what I'm in the mood for.  If I was a celeb, though, I wouldn't have to limit myself to the couple of pints that (1) I can afford and (2) my freezer will hold.  So I can just stock up.

7.  I will have frozen egg noodles shipped to me (and Ria) on a regular basis.

If you were a celeb, what things would you indulge in?

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  1. OMG!! I was just telling Curt about how we need to have a supplier of those frozen noodles in the Northeast earlier today!!