19 August 2011

List #23: People I Don't Want to Date

Lately, I've been trying to ask my friends to set me up with their single friends.  But in addition to the usual qualities I'm looking for in a person (intelligent, good sense of humour, etc.), I've also been weeding out certain occupations wholesale.

1.  Plastic surgeons
I'd be too worried they'd be looking at me as a canvas.  I'd keep waiting for them to say, "Have you ever considered...?"  "NO!  And why are you asking me?"  I just don't need that in my life.

2.  Therapists
Therapy has its time and place, and it's not in my everyday life.  It's especially not when I'm trying to tell my bf/gf about my bad day, and it's ESPECIALLY not when we're having an argument.  "Are you SURE this is what you're really upset about?"  "YES!  I'm actually upset about you leaving your friggin' underwear in the middle of the kitchen floor!  This is NOT about anything else!"

3.  Archeologists
This was actually suggested by my friend who happens to be one.  She said this because they go off on digs for months at a time several thousand miles away.  And what happens in the forests of Brazil, stays in Brazil... until it gives you a nasty disease.  Oops.  Okay, she didn't actually add that last part -- my imagination did.  But you get the drift.

4. Prostitutes
In this day and age, there are just too many diseases.  And I'm not that confident about anything, really.

(which brings me to...)

5.  Strippers
I used to be friends with a stripper.  She ended up dating a lot of her "clients," which I guess cut out the awkward "So, what do you do for a living" conversation that often comes up on a first date.  But I don't think I could deal with the jealousy issues knowing that my bf/gf would go to work just to be ogled.

Is there any particular occupation that would turn you off?


  1. ObGyn's - self explanatory

    CPA's or accountants in general.the type of person that becomes an accountant would just constantly piss me off.

    corrections officers

    anyone with political aspirations- dont want my life picked apart.

    Anyone Mike Rowe would visit- can't stand bad odors.

  2. Good question!
    Stand up comedian/opera singer/radio personality
    (been there, done that, divorced it.)