28 August 2011

A Mouse Mystery

First thing's first: Felix and I are great.  Irene made a visit to Philly, but I'd like to think that we didn't show her enough of our famed Brotherly Love as to encourage future hurricanes to visit (you hear me, Tropical Storm José?).  There are plenty of people are here sans power and with lots of flooding, but I'm not one of them.  Whew.

I swung by my upstairs neighbour's place today.  He's been buying the pork products from my Angel Food, and since Rachel wasn't able to go with me yesterday, I also foisted the mango off on him, too.  He may end up buying some more things from me, later this week, by the time I see which of the fresh product things I think I'll get through in a timely manner.  It's an arrangement that's working out quite well.

While I was up there, he asked me if I'd noticed any mice in the building lately.  I said I hadn't, but I reminded him that I had Felix.  He said he put out a trap, but a mouse got his tail stuck in it, so then he had to deal with that appropriately.  So then he put out two traps side-by-side.  But then he noticed that the bait was gone... and so was one of the traps.  We were trying to figure out what could have possibly happened.  Because even if the mouse's body part got stuck in the trap and the poor thing hauled it off with him, he could only get so far.  And then the hole the mouse came out of... well, surely the trap couldn't fit back through that hole.  If the hole was THAT big, then he would have noticed said hole and sealed it up.  And he certainly hasn't noticed any traps randomly laying around his flat.

So, dear readers... ideas?  What happened?  Where is the second trap?

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