26 May 2011

Where did spring go?

First, I know I usually post a recipe on Thursdays, but I haven't tried anything new lately, so nothing new to post.  Sorry.

Somehow, spring has disappeared and summer got here way too soon.  Don't get me wrong - I enjoy summer, but it has it's time and place -- after spring and before fall.  Not after about two weeks of spring and then a full week and a half of rain.  That's just lame.

I had a rather exciting day today.  A woman I did some work for when I was getting my Master's degree had referred me to a colleague of hers for a potential job that may or may not exist.  I went for an informational interview today, just so we could find out more about each other.  It ended up that we quite like each other (professionally), and I'm feeling very optimistic about how this might turn out.  There's actually much more involved, and this might get a little tricksy, but I don't want to go into detail here.

My mom has her biopsy tomorrow, and she's just hoping the weather is good.  She's been making jokes about hoping that they aren't in the middle of cutting her head open when they announce needing to run to the basement to take cover.  So, now you see where I get my morbid sense of humour.

My headache was kind enough to hold off until I got home from the interview, so I apologise for the rambling.  More tomorrow.


  1. I hope everything goes well with your mom's biopsy. And with your job prospects. :)

  2. Hope things work out for your mom.

    I hates headaches... and the hangovers the next day!