19 May 2011

Recipe: Turkey Burgers with Grilled Onions and Bleu Cheese

From Diabetic Cooking, March/April 2011

1 lb ground turkey breast meat
4 cloves garlic, minced
2 t Worcestershire sauce
6 t extra-virgin olive oil, divided
1 t smoked paprika
1/4 t ground cumin
1/2 t black pepper, divided
1/2 t salt, divided
8 oz thinly-sliced onions
1 oz crumbled bleu cheese

1.  Combine turkey, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, 2 t oil, paprika, cumin, 1/4 t pepper, and 1/4 t salt in medium bowl.  Shape into 4 patties.

2.  Heat 2 t oil in large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, swirling to coat bottom of pan.  Cook patties four minutes on each side or until no longer pink in centre.  Remove from heat and place on serving platter; cover to keep warm.

3.  Add remaining 2 t oil to pan residue in skillet.  Heat over medium-high heat and cook onions four minutes or until beginning to richly brown, stirring frequently.  Stir in remaining 1/4 t salt and 1/4 t pepper.  Spoon onions over patties and top with cheese.

Yield: 4 servings

Calories: 237
Total fat: 10 g
Sat fat: 2 g
Protein: 28 g
Carbs: 8 g
Cholesterol: 60 mg
Dietary Fibre: 1 g
Sodium: 491 mg

Dietary Exchanges: 4 meat, 1 vegetable

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