27 May 2011

List #11: Restaurants I Love to Hit When I'm in KCMO

1.  Dixon's Famous Chili
You guys have heard me talk about their chili and their tacos.  Dale always gets their burrito.  I have no idea what's so great about it.  I know it's huge, though.  And I know that while Mom is busy eating her chili and I'm busy eating my tacos, he's busy eating his burrito.  Fun for everyone!

2.  Cross' Tavern
Best chicken livers and gizzards ever.  I hate livers.  Mom hates gizzards.  We get the combo platter, and we're as happy as Jack Sprat and his wife.

3.  Sonic Drive-In
It's my favourite fast food place ever, and there aren't any that are close enough here.  So I make Mom take me there at least once.  When she comes here to visit me, sometimes I make her stop there on the way to the airport, get me a burger, and fly it here to me.  I love the Super Sonic burger #2.

4.  El Azteca
It's a Mexican restaurant in KCK (that's Kansas City, Kansas) that's actual Mexican food.  Although KCK isn't the best part of town (sorry, Jennifer Jo Cobb).  We're pretty sure we watched a drug deal go down on our way there one time (it's the BEST story - remind me to tell you some day).  And there's one server who is just a little TOO eager to do her job.  She won't let your drink get less than an inch low before she hustles over to ask "More drink, si?"  So conversation is difficult when she's coming over every three minutes (there are usually four of us - Mom, Dale, Laura, and me).  But the food is SO good.

5.  Robert's
This is a Chinese restaurant that has an actual name.  I think it's Golden Dragon or some such.  But everyone in town just calls it "Robert's," since he's the owner and the only server.  He's been on the news because of his phenomenal memory.  If you go in once, he'll get your order.  You may not go in again for three years, but as soon as you walk in, he'll seat you, point to you, and recite your order.  He has Caller ID on his phone, and if you call him to order take-away, if you don't want your usual order,  you better talk fast, because he'll answer the phone, recite your regular order, tell you the total, when to pick it up, and hang up (but not in a rude way - not at all!).  Not only all that, but he's hysterical, and has awesomely good food.

The last time my mom and I were there, I told my mom that there's a place here in Philly that has chocolate fortune cookies, and Mom told Robert she wanted chocolate fortune cookies.  Robert exaggerated his accent and said, "No speak-a the English!  No English!"  We about died laughing.


  1. Robert's sounds awesome!

  2. Hey!! I can post a comment now!

    Do you know any one else that likes livers do you?? Cause I like fried gizzards but not liver!

    A Sonics opened 1/2 mile from my store. I go less often than I thought I would because, well I go to lunch w my crew at 1030ish and to go home I get on 80 and hit the gas. it is my hands down favorite (only fast food I like). Next time I leave for Philly from work I'll stop and get us some.... can't promise the cherry limeades will make it....