25 May 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

Well, not really.

I've been battling a massive headache for the past couple of days.  Usually, I would just pop an Ultram and go about my day.  But the last time I took one, I had Ultram hang-over for the entire next day.  Ultram is what my neurologist gave me to replace Darvocet, and I'd been taking it with great success until the most recent time.  Since I had physiotherapy today, I didn't want to take something that might make me groggy and clumsy.  And I have an important day tomorrow, so I'm also wary of taking it tonight.

All this to say that I slept in until the last possible moment this morning, dashed off to physio, had a tornado scare back in Missouri to deal with, came home, ate something in bed while I read until I fell asleep (which took about 20 minutes), napped, and showered.  By that time my friend was at my door, and it was time to go run errands together.  We hit IKEA and Target, and had supper at IKEA.  That was my big day!  Somewhere in there, I did weigh myself, but it wasn't my usual "first thing in the morning before I've eaten," so I'll just do it next week, and report in then.

In other news, I found out tonight that Katy Perry's contract rider is FORTY-FIVE pages.  What the hell crazy-ass demands can someone make that could possibly take up FORTY-FIVE pages????  I was talking to Mom about this, and I said that I think my two "demands" would be "please make sure there aren't any pork-type snacks" and "please make sure there is plenty of water available," since I don't drink any caffeine and I'd feel bad if they wasted money getting a lot of soft drinks.

Mom said hers would be "Please have Diet Pepsi in bottles."  (She hates the way it tastes in cans.) 

Apparently, we make crappy divas.

So, if you were a huge star, what would your rider have in it?


  1. Well, I suppose it'd have to be food related too. And in big bold capitalized letters. ABSOLUTELY NO ONIONS WITHIN 100 YARDS OF THE ARTIST. That sounds like it'd be far enough away.

  2. I think I would need It's It, possibly some burritos and for everyone to leave me alone so I could read. Obviously I'm not much of a diva either.
    I hope you are headache free today!

  3. I suspect my rider wouldn't be too long, although if Bella or Fe was to have one, it'd probably be pretty long.