07 May 2011

Productive Saturday

This weekend, I'm cat-sitting for my friend's cat.  So I jaunted down to South Philly and visited Bella for about an hour.  We sat and talked for awhile, I petted her while I read a book, and then we played for a little bit.

On the way back to the city, I stopped at Borders because they are going out of business.  Everything is 60-80% off - even the bookshelves are for sale!  I got two magazines (80% off, sadly, all of the knitting magazines were gone), and a cookbook.

Then I walked to Trader Joe's to get a few things.

Meanwhile, I called to check on my mom.  She's doing well, but resting a lot.  She woke up, cooked breakfast and did a load of a laundry, then took a nap.  Then she woke up, took the laundry out, and was ready for another nap.  Poor thing; I feel bad for her.

She's planning on going to her Mom's house tomorrow for Mother's Day, and I hope she's up to it!


  1. And Dale can't do the f'ing laundry just once??

  2. Bella was quite appreciative. She says you're nice.