11 May 2011

Wednesday Weigh-In

This week, I'm down 0.8 pounds!  I'm (again) surprised by this since I didn't a great deal of exercise, except for walking around the city on Thursday, Saturday, yesterday, and walking up and down the stairs a LOT yesterday doing laundry and taking a few loads of trash/recycling out.  But the walking wasn't a particularly cardio pace, but still - it's better than nothing, and it was pretty much all I felt up to after the arthrogram on Thursday (the procedure involving sticking a big-ass needle into my hip joint and then injecting loads of crap into my joint).

And, while I'm here, an update on my mom: As scheduled, she did come home Friday afternoon.  She's been feeling really tired since then, but she felt well enough yesterday to attend a luncheon she had committed herself to weeks ago.  It was her first "real" outing since coming home.  I want to thank everyone again for their thoughts, prayers, and concerns; it all meant a great deal to both of us.

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