21 May 2011

Angel Food

So, I know that I've been promising you for awhile now that I would tell you about Angel Food, but different things kept popping up.  So tonight's the big night (ooh, aah!).

Angel Food Ministries sells people quality food at really inexpensive prices.  It's not seconds or day-old, and it's always restaurant-grade.  Even though it's very inexpensive, and their goal is to help out low-income families, everyone can order.  You don't have to qualify, there are no applications, etc. 

Each month, they post the "menu" for the various boxes online, and you place your order.  You can either place your order online for a $2 convenience fee or go to your pick-up site and place your order there.  So you always know in advance what you're getting, although they do reserve the right to make substitutions, if necessary.

I'm always amazed at the quality and quantity of food I get for the price.  This month, my May Bread of Life box (for $35) contained:
1.5 lb NY Strip Steaks (4 x 6 oz)
2.5 lb IQF Split Chicken Breasts (in a resealable bag)
1.5 lb bone-in pork chops (4 x 6 oz)
1.5 lb fully-cooked meatballs
1.5 lb maple-flavoured breakfast sausage links
1 lb 100% ground turkey
1 lb 100% ground chicken
1 lb garden peas
1 lb green beans
28 oz diced tomatoes
1 lb seasoned waffle fries
1 lb pasta (angel hair)
1 lb long grain brown rice
16 ct Sweet Hawaiian dinner buns
32 oz 2% shelf stable milk (the kind in a carton, not instant milk)
1 dozen eggs
7.5 oz package Break-n-Bake cookies

The Bread of Life box is meant to feed a family of four for one week, so I decided that a family of one should be able to eat on it for four weeks.  And, thus far, it's worked out well.  I've even had some left over!  I've also been pleased that some of the meat products that I thought would be pork have been chicken or turkey (like sausage or meatballs, although last months meatloaf contained pork).  Fortunately, I have friends who I sell/trade the pork products to/with.

I also order a Fresh Fruit and Veggie Box for $24, which included:
1 head sleeved Romaine Lettuce
2 lb bag Fresh Sweet Georgia Vidalia Onions
1 pk grape tomatoes
1 lb carrots
1 5.5 oz green onions
2 cucumbers
6 oz bag radishes
4 baking potatoes
1 head green cabbage
1 cantoloupe
1 golden ripe pineapple
6 lemons
4 red apples
4 navel oranges

They also have excellent customer service.  Two days before the pick-up date, a representative from your pick-up site calls to remind you that your pick up date is coming.  Last month, the pick-up was delayed a week.  In our box, we got a copy of a letter that was sent from the vendor to the transport company communicating their displeasure, AND a letter to all the Angel Food clients apologising for the delay and containing a 10% discount code for the May order.

They have a really large variety of boxes, including gluten-free boxes, after-school boxes for children, and "premium" boxes with "fancy" food.  There are also larger boxes, and there is no limit on the number of boxes that a person/family can order.  They also accept food stamps, if any of you use those.


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